JUST PAPER’s Coating Solution, JP Coat
Is a water-based eco-friendly coating solution that enables sustainable and safe consumption of disposables without PE layer.
Is applicable to various paper packaging, especially for food-contact paper products.
With superior water and oil(grease)resistance, it has excellent barrier properties against alcohol and acids. Provides solutions lowering dependency on plastic and reducing various environmental pollutions with its superior recyclability and bio-degradability.
Barrier Property
JUST PAPER’s JP Coat has various barrier properties depending on products.
  • Water-Resistance
  • Oil(Grease)-Resistance
  • Alcohol Proof
  • Acid Resistance
  • Resistance against dairy products and fat-containing (animal/vegetable) products
Eco Properties
JP Coat realizes various eco-friendly properties.
  • High Recyclability
    100% recyclable in the process of paper recycling since there’s no pe or pla layer inside.
  • Excellent Bio-degradability
  • High Heat Resistance (Microwavable)
  • Heat Sealability
  • Ultrasonic Sealability
  • Great Printability (No Corona Treatment Needed)
  • High Level of Safety for Food-Contact Material (Non-Toxic Proven)
Applicable Range
  • Fast-food packaging, cold & frozen food, microwave and oven packaging etc
  • Paper straw, paper sticks, paper lid, paper plates etc
  • Food trays
  • Ice cream cups
  • Hot & cold beverage cups
  • Bakery product packaging
  • Delivery food containers
  • Nose walk paper & pet food packaging
  • Other industrial packaging requiring barrier properties