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No More Plastics !

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  • Limit of Plastic Coatings !
    Do you know that less than 1% of paper cups and takeaway paper products are recycled?
    This is because of its plastic layer(PE or PLA) inside the paper products that we’re using in our daily lives. This plastic layer inside makes it impossible to recycle unless it is peeled off, which requires huge investment on corresponding industrial facilities. Almost all paper products are being buried as recycling paper products with plastic layer inside is not that profitable.
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  • Is PLA or Bio-degradable Plastic OK for the Environment?
    Poly Lactic Acid plastic can be bio-degradable in nature. But it needs a certain condition of high temperature and humidity to be bio-degraded which cannot be possible in a natural environment. These bio-plastics should be collected by type of plastic materials and require exclusive industrial facilities for degradation, which needs further huge investment. Moreover, if thrown into the ocean PLA or bio-plastics are nothing but waste floating around, resulting in acceleration of marine plastic waste.
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  • What Needs to be Done for the Truly Eco-Friendly Environment?
    There’s no PE or bio-plastic (PLA) lining inside in JUST PAPER products. Instead, water-based eco-friendly barrier coating solution is applied, realizing superior water-resistance and grease resistance including microwavability that are main characteristics required for food-grade paper products. Most importantly, JUST PAPER can be repulpable 100% without having specialized process of peeling off the plastic lining and difficult collection steps. After use, just throw along with normal papers such as newspapers and magazines including A4 papers so that JUST PAPER can be reborn as recycled papers up to 7 times. Also, JUST PAPER has no risk of environmental pollution since it is bio-degradable in nature.

Let’s Just Simply Recycling !

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