JUST PAPER Eco-Coated Roll
Meet JUST PAPER’s Unique Coating Technology !
  • Recyclable
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe
  • FDA
  • LFGB
JUST PAPER’s eco-coated roll
Can be applicable to various eco paper products. Is safe without any chemical release. Is fully recyclable and bio-degradable with no plastic layer. Is an alternative solution of various plastics.
JUST PAPER’s eco-coated roll
Eco Coating ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○
Coating Materials Water-
Oil-resistance Heat-
Productivity Recyclability Microwavable
PE ○ ○ △ × ○ × ×
PLA(Bio-plastic) ○ △ △ △ △ × ×
  • Features
    More than 99% of recyclability in the normal paper recycling process.
    Heat Sealability
    Ultrasonic Sealability
    Great Printability (No Corona Treatment Needed)
    Superior Water- and Oil-Resistance
    Excellent Heat Resistance
    Microwavable Proven
    Certified Safety (No Toxic Chemicals)
    Product Details
    Single / Double Coated
    Basic Weight : 50gsm ~ 400gsm
    Coated Surface Width : 720mm ~ 1270mm
    FSC Certified
    Applicable to
    Hot / Ice Cup
    Ice Cream Cup
    Frozen Food Packaging
    Fast-food Packaging
    Paper Straw(No Glue Type)
    Paper Container, Paper Lid, Paper Tray
    Industrial Packaging Requiring Barrier Properties.
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